Working Your Company’s Portable Displays? Hidden Skills You Need To Have

You know your product and industry inside and out. While this is incredibly important,Working Your Company's Portable Displays? Hidden Skills You Need To Have Articles it’s not everything you need to know to have a successful event with your portable displays. Consider adding these special skills to your knowledge base. You don’t have to be an expert, but it will help if you, the meeting coordinator or your exhibit neighbors are ever in a pinch.

Knowing How To Install Banner Stands Is A Must

Many venues rely on event employees to install portable displays and banner stands, meaning exhibitors only need to show up. However, what happens if there’s a delay for some reason and your portable displays aren’t ready before the event starts? Knowing how to put up banner stands can save the day.

Also, while banner stands are sturdy, it’s possible for them to be bumped and jostled. If this happens and your banner stands come down, it’s great to know how to put them back up.

Simple Audio Visual Skills Can Save The Day

Nearly everyone’s been to that presentation. You know the one. A presenter is stuck on a stage, awkwardly holding a microphone while the event planners scramble to find an audiovisual expert to fix the sound or the visual equipment. If you know a little about how the most common audiovisual equipment works, you might be able to be the event hero.

Photo Editing Can Come To The Rescue

You don’t need to be an expert in Photoshop or other design software, but knowing how to remove red eye, crop photos and other minor photo editing tasks can be a great asset. Many planners like to display photos of the event before attendees and exhibitors go home and these simple skills can help quite a bit.

Anticipate Needs Of Employees Working Your Portable Displays

While not a skill, it’s a great idea to have a small emergency kit. This can include personal items such as bandages and first aid ointment. Other items that directly relate to your exhibit can include duct tape, flashlights, a small hammer, screwdriver (both a Phillips and a flathead), nails, extension cords and extra batteries. While you may not need any of these items, having them on hand also means you’ll be able to take care of an emergency.

Part of a successful event is the planning. Are you prepared for an emergency? Do you have a plan if an employee suddenly needs to leave your banner stands and portable displays because of a family emergency back home? Know the number of the airline and how t    o best get back to the airport in a case of emergency. The chances are slim that you’ll actually need this information, but if you do, it can be a lifesaver.

It’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars learning how to edit photos, work audiovisual equipment or install exhibits. Instead, find a good book or practice putting up your portable displays until you’re comfortable and you could just save your company’s cutout services