Relocating From Trade Server 2003 to Office 365


On the off chance that you are as yet running Trade Server 2003, you really want to quick track your Office 365 movement, since Trade 2003 quit being upheld by Microsoft in 2014. Additionally, most Trade Server 2003 frameworks are running on Windows Server 2003 and this will likewise as of now not be upheld by Microsoft after June 2015. These two occasions mean your framework will be progressively open to outside programmer assaults as security breaks are done being fixed by Windows refreshes.

Likewise, except if you have moved your server to a virtual climate at some point throughout recent years, almost certainly, your actual document server is likewise out of guarantee, running gradually, approaching its plate limit and starting to endure dependability issues.

Relocation from Trade 2003 to Office 365 can in any case be securely finished, but there is much of the time an additional issue to be defeated concerning Microsoft Viewpoint. Numerous associations that are running Trade 2003 are additionally running Office 2003. Fortunately moving to Office 365 presents an incredible chance to likewise supplant Office 2003 by picking an Office 365 arrangement that incorporates Office 2013 – for instance the Workplace 365 Business Premium arrangement.

The terrible news is you have a chicken and egg circumstance since Office 2003 overall – and Viewpoint 2003 specifically – doesn’t work with Office 365 exchange online licenses. This really intends that during the relocation cycle you need to settle on overhauling your email framework first, and afterward not having the option to get to it until you’ve refreshed every one of the PCs to a later variant of Office (essentially office 2007). Or on the other hand, you update every one of the PCs to a fresher form of Office first, and afterward do the relocation of Trade Server to Office 365.

Whichever strategy you pick, there will be a timeframe when clients are trapped in a dead zone – they will not have the option to get to their email server from their form of Viewpoint. So a choice should be made – is it best to overhaul Office first, or is it best to redesign the email server first? Certifiable experience shows that it is best in each circumstance to move up to Office 365 first and afterward redesign Office 2003 clients to Office 2013. Here’s two speculative guides to make this statement:

Organization A has 20 staff with 19 clients running Standpoint 2010 on their PCs and with only one client running Viewpoint 2003. Ideally, let’s relocate the email server to Office 365 first, on the grounds that main the one client will not have the option to get to the new email server until their variant of Office gets redesigned. Furthermore, it ought to require just an hour or so to get that client’s PC moved up to Office 2013.

Organization B likewise has 20 staff, however for their situation 19 clients are on Office 2003 and only one is on say Office 2010. From the outset this appears to be an issue – on the off chance that the Trade 2003 Server is moved to Office 365 first, the 19 staff will not have the option to get to their messages until the PCs have Office 2013 introduced. What’s more, alternately, assuming the 19 PCs are refreshed to Office 2013 first, they will not have the option to get to their messages until the Workplace 365 movement process has been finished. Luckily, for this situation there is an excellent interval arrangement – clients can utilize OWA (Standpoint Web Admittance) to get to their messages by means of the program until their PCs are refreshed to Office 2013. For sure, it will likewise be feasible for them to now approach Office 365 email on a scope of cell phones and tablets they may as of now have like iPhones, iPads, Windows cell phones and Android gadgets.