How Nude Telegram Photos Are Being Shared With Nude Telegram Chat Bots

In recent years, women have reported their nude telegram channels without their consent. In one case, a woman from Cuba told the BBC her photo had ended up in an online folder with 18,000 members.

It’s a risk that could lead to sextortion, blackmail and even violence. But new research from a cybersecurity firm has found that bots on Telegram are automating this abuse.


Julie is a 23-year-old woman from Bordeaux who shares her daily slutty life with her private Telegram group. Her channel features photos and videos of her getting fucked, as well as voice mails. The group is free and she only accepts new members if they have a picture of them and their phone number.

The channel has been a hit since its creation in 2023, and many people have joined to see her nude content. She is one of the most popular sluts in Telegram, and she has also created a snapchat and WhatsApp account.

When The Verge and Sensity contacted Telegram, the company declined to address the issue or explain why it allows such groups to exist. It also refused to answer questions about how the app could prevent users from posting private nude images without their consent. However, the company has previously taken steps to stop sexting and bullying in other ways. The platform has also partnered with law enforcement to address these issues.


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Telegram has a reputation for being private and secure, but its lack of moderation is allowing channels to share nude images with large groups and bots. The BBC tested how serious the platform was about its policies by reporting 100 nudes and found 96 of them were still available on public Telegram channels. One even attempted to sell a folder full of child abuse videos for less than the price of a coffee.


A deepfake porn bot on Telegram is victimizing women by replacing the clothed parts of their bodies with nudity. The bot is free to use and incredibly easy to use. This is a terrifying development that takes computer manipulation of media to a whole new level.

According to a BBC investigation, large groups and channels on Telegram are sharing thousands of secretly filmed or stolen images of women without their consent. They are being used in a variety of ways such as revenge porn, blackmailing or extortion.

This is happening in over 20 countries and Telegram shows no signs of tackling this issue. Its lesser regulations and lack of content moderation have allowed for these channels to thrive on the platform and its users to be exposed to nonconsensual sexual material. This is just another example of how men can easily abuse and exploit women online. The victims are left to deal with the fallout.


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A group on Telegram has been sharing naked images of women without their consent. These private photos have been used for extortion, blackmail, and harassment. Sensity has contacted Telegram for a response and will contact the appropriate authorities.

If you see a message that says “This Channel Can Not Be Displayed,” it means that the channel is violating Telegram’s guidelines. The content could be illegal or harmful to others, or the channel may be using bots. It is possible that the channel is using deepfake technology to create nonconsensual sexual images of women. This technology uses artificial intelligence to replace a woman’s photographed clothing with nudity.