Cavity Wall Insulation Cost – How Much Does Cavity Wall Insulation Cost?

Cavity wall insulation is a great investment that will make your home more comfortable while saving you money. It will lower your energy bills and you won’t have to worry about damp or mould. It will even increase the value of your property.

If you’re considering having your cavity walls insulated, then it’s worth getting a few quotes from insulation experts. This article will provide you with some average costs for this work.

The cost of cavity wall insulation depends on the type of property and the material used to insulate it. A small midfloor flat will typically cost around PS600 to insulate while a detached house will be closer to PS2,500.

You’ll also need to consider the initial survey and any repairs that may be required. These costs are typically included in the final quote.

Polystyrene bead cavity wall insulation (EPS) involves a registered installer blowing insulating beads into the cavities through holes drilled in the exterior of your house (which are then sealed). EPS is one of the most popular insulants and it has good moisture-resistance properties, meaning that well-installed CWI should remain effective for the lifespan of your property. It costs between PS18 and PS22 per m2.

Mineral fibre (MFI) is another popular type of insulant for cavity walls. It’s made from spun glass or wool and is blown into the cavity space through holes in the walls. Like EPS, MFI is a high performing, moisture-resistant insulant. However, it’s not as good at preventing condensation and it doesn’t perform as well as EPS in terms of heat loss. spray foam installer