Alternatives to Nursing Home Care

If you are looking for alternatives to Nursing Homes, you do have a few options:

Home and Community Care

There are a variety of home services available to care for ill or disabled patients. These services may keep the patient out of a nursing home. These home services include adult day care, shopping services, friendly home visits and Meals on Wheels. These programs are available in most areas.

If you are thinking about trying home care it would be wise to discuss this with family members to see if they can help out in any way. There are also some nursing homes that offer respite care; this allows them to take in a patient for a short time in order to give the home care givers a little break.

Subsidized Senior Housing (Non-Medical)

For senior citizens with low to moderate incomes, there are a few Federal and State programs that will help out. These facilities generally offer an apartment in a senior housing complex and they offer help with certain things like laundry and shopping.

Assisted Living (Non-Medical Senior Housing)

Assisted living is usually offered to individuals who can still live independently but just need some help with cooking, laundry or taking medicine. Generally the resident pays rent and a fee for any services they require.

Board and Care Homes

This is similar to Assisted Living except residents need help with walking, bathing and toileting.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

These communities provide a variety of care based on the needs of the resident. This care can include independent living apartments to nursing care in an affiliated nursing home. caregiver agency hiring