5 Steps to Planning for the Perfect Bespoke Conservatories or Orangeries for your home

Adding bespoke conservatories or orangeries to homes is becoming an increasingly popular trend – and for good reason. Not only do they help increase the functionality of the home as well as its beauty,Guest Posting they also help increase the value of the home. In fact, most experts agree that homeowners will get back over 70% of the cost of installing a conservatory when the time comes to sell the home. For those with the skill to install conservatories themselves, on the other hand, adding a conservatory or orangery to the home may actually result in an instant profit because the cost of installation can be seriously reduced. If you are interested in installing your own conservatory, there are five basic steps you will need to follow before you ever begin construction.

Step #1: Measure It

As with any building project, measuring the area is essential when adding a conservatory to the home. Since conservatories are largely composed of glass, however, accurate measurement is even more important than with your typical construction project. So, take special care to measure the dimensions accurately before moving forward with the project.

Step #2: Rope it Off

The next step in the process is to rope of the area where the conservatory will be installed. This will help you visualize how it will look once it is installed so you can begin planning the rest of the construction.

Step #3: Create a Floorplan

Next, you will need to develop a rough floorplan of where you will place furniture and other accessories. Be certain to consider where the morning and afternoon shade and sunlight will be. That way, you can plan a layout that will provide you with the best views and the most comfortable areas for relaxing in your conservatory.

Step #4: Consider Airflow

There are numerous ways that airflow can be added to your conservatory. Skylights and vents are two options to consider, as are functional windows that can be opened and closed as necessary. Determine where to place vents and skylights in order to optimize airflow while keeping the conservatory as attractive as possible.

Step #5: Think About Extras

There are a few extras you may want to consider before purchasing materials for your conservatory. Installing a dedicated heating and cooling system, for example, will make it easier for you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your conservatory. You may also want to consider installing insulated glass so you can enjoy your conservatory in comfort throughout the year.  solid conservatory roof